KoRoKe / 可樂餅 Recipe

KoRoKe / 可樂餅

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- makes 20 -

  • 2 large potato, pare and cut into cube
  • 1 medium onion, chopped
  • 1/4 lb. ground beef (or ground pork)
  • salt & pepper

for coating:

  • flour
  • egg
  • <PANKO> Japanese style bread crumbs

How to make KoRoKe / 可樂餅

When i buy a 5 lb. bag potato, after making curry and salad, i always make some koroke for sure. You can decide its size and all ingredients are inexpensive, so that will be awesome finger food for party and your budget. And there is an advantage... you can put it in the freezer up to 2 months without fried. Is that beautiful? ^^

  1. In a pot with cold water, put potato cube in, turn on the heat and cook about 15 minutes until soft, then mash it.

  2. Cook onion with oil, when it's semitransparent, add ground beef in, stir well and let meat cooked all the way through, then pour into mashed potato, season it with s&p, mix well, let it cool a little bit.

  3. Prepare three plates, one with flour, one with beaten egg, and one with bread crumbs.

  4. Make batter into pieces, any shape you like, as meatball, cookie or column, then coat with flour, egg and bread crumbs one by one.

  5. Heat up a pot with oil, then fried coated batter, cuz all ingredients are cooked, so just fried few minutes until golden brown. Serve with Ketchup or any kind of dressing you like.

  • roberutsu
    roberutsu says

    i'm gonna make some tonight!

  • monica
    monica says

    If only they can taste the same when baked instead of deep fried, I'll eat it every night !

  • yehting
    yehting says

    that's a good idea, Monica!!! Maybe put it into 350F degrees oven, bake about 10 minutes, i think that will work too. I'll try that~

  • telswood
    telswood says

    This looks incredible! Thanks. Do you think other kinds of breadcrumbs would work? I can't find Panko anywhere!

  • winnie
    winnie says

    hmmm....yum~ This shape looks so cute!

  • yehting
    yehting says

    About breadcrumbs... just use any kind you can find lo. Even by homemade is good~

  • DaveWood
    DaveWood says

    I made this last night I wa going to use regular bread crumbs since i couldnt find Panko crumbs, yesterday I was at the local Walmart Supercenter getting an oilchange and tire rotation, so i was wondering around the store , 'lo and behold theres Panko in the oriental foods section, any how, back to comment.... easy to make a bit time consuming rolling the dough (I started rolling one at a time the flouring them then egg then panko, I realized i could roll all of the dough at one timethen bread them a few at a time to cook them a couple at at time} they quickly cook and we're very good Im taking leftovers to work as a lunch item. I microwave reheated a couple this morning the breading wasn't as crisp when freshly fried but stil delicious

  • ChaxUk
    ChaxUk says

    Great recipe, I have made them a few times now and it has become one of my favorite foods, Thanks for sharing the recipe :), Chax

  • arcencielfw
    arcencielfw says

    This recipe is great! I made it yesterday and all my family enjoyed them! Thank you very much.

  • webrina
    webrina says

    I was searching "koroke" to find out what it was and found your recipe; tagging it to try ASAP, thanks!

  • dawdawdo
    dawdawdo says

    I have an Italian version of this one that I love, but I'm going to try yours next. ありがとう!

  • samnangsandrine
    samnangsandrine says

    Yummy ... I made them last week. Thanks for the recipe. I'm gonna try to bake them next time. ;)

  • okyumm
    okyumm says

    Genius grub

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