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  • khusi123

    Nice recipe and an easy one too. U can also check my one : http://yummyfood-khusi.blogspot.com/2011/05/cheesy-potato-discs.html

    on Little Potato Snacks
  • marykal77

    U know what, I try this recipe, it is so so good.Even my husband like it so much. But i was wondering, maybe need some flour cause when the cake is hot, it was rise up. after i take it out from oven to cool down, the cake fallen down in the middle like volcano after erupted.So is it happened to you guys?

    on mini cheesecakes
  • VeggieLiv

    So yummy! I added some tomatoes too since they're so beautiful right now. Thanks!

    on Spring Pasta
  • ModCloth

    Cute name and great recipe!

    on Sunshine Cakes
  • NinaLaurence

    yes, inventive and really yummy sounding!

    on Ricotta Bowl