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  • Pneumonic

    Generally it's eaten with chili or some other stew-type meal. Wonderful recipe.

    on Corn Bread
  • asianstylist

    Looks very tasty! I love shortbread!

    on Hearst Castle Shortbread Cookies
  • wunami

    I think it's generally used as a side dish. And it can really be a side dish to a lot of things. But I'll eat it on its own.

    on Corn Bread
  • CertifiedEater

    What do I serve the corn bread with? Or do I eat it as it is?

    on Corn Bread
  • hyperfocus

    This corn bread rocks! I just followed the recipe exactly and it came out excellent. I was a little worried about the actual kernels of corn in the bread, but it gives it a nice homemade touch. Thanks for sharing!

    on Corn Bread