Lychee and Lime Drink Recipe

Lychee and Lime Drink


  • 150ml Syrup from the canned lychee
  • 50ml Ice cold water
  • Juice from 3 Limes
  • 6 Lychees or more if you like
  • Additional lime, sliced and some *mint leaves (optional)
  • *Lemongrass as toothpick for the lychees (optional)

How to make Lychee and Lime Drink

Just mix all ingredients together and serve chilled.

* Leftovers I found in my fridge which I used as decoration purpose here.
  • chunlei
    chunlei says

    Yum, this sounds really good! I love lychees! Sadly, they're getting harder and harder to find here!

  • spongefile
    spongefile says

    Bet it would be good with gin or tequila, too...

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