Mango Mochi Recipe

Mango Mochi


300g glutinous rice flour
60g rice flour
1 tbsp santan powder/coconut powder
1.5 tbsp corn oil
200ml hot water + 45g sugar
160ml evaporated milk
240ml mango nectar/juice

2 ripe mangoes (diced to cubes)
dessicated coconut for coating


How to make Mango Mochi

1. Sieve glutinous rice flour, rice flour and satan powder into a big mixing bowl. Add in the oil.
2. Dissolve sugar in 200ml hot water. Add in the evaporated milk. Pour this into the flour mixture and mix till smooth and well blended. Stir in the mango nectar. Strain if mixture is lumpy.
3. Pour batter into a greased tray/bowl and steam on high heat for 30 minutes.
4. Remove from steamer and stir the cooked dough with a plastic knife till smooth. Leave aside to cool.
5. Wear a pair of plastic gloves and greased with some corn oil. Take a 30g piece of cooked dough and flatten it into a round disc. Wrap in as much mango cubes as desired. Seal the edges tightly and shape them into round balls. Coat the mochi with dessicated coconut.
6. Serve chilled.

  • telliecoin
    telliecoin says

    OMG YUMMEH!!!!!!111111

  • lymanalo
    lymanalo says

    I've always wanted to learn how to make mochi with mungbean! This is far better!

  • KamanKaman
    KamanKaman says

    hoooolllyyyy sh***tttttt that looks amazing

  • AmyDelight
    AmyDelight says

    Mango mochi!! I love these!! Thanks for this recipe! I'll definitely try this!!

  • Ngociiz
    Ngociiz says

    Is it possible if you can put other fillings into the mochi. For instance.. coconut with peanuts? Because I've taste it and it's very addicting. But I'm trying to look for the recipe though.. :S

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