Classic Bloody Mary Recipe

Classic Bloody Mary

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The Drink:

-3 oz Tomato Juice

-1 1/2 oz Vodka

-3 drops Worcestershire Sauce

-3 drops Tobasco Sauce (add more for that extra kick)

-Pinch of Salt

-Pinch of Black Pepper

-Few drops Fresh Lemon Juice

-Few drops Fresh Lime Juice



-Coarse Salt

-Celery Stick

-Wedge of Lime (or Lemon)

How to make Classic Bloody Mary

Whenever I think of Bloody Marys I always picture rich middle-aged women drinking it at a country club Sunday brunchen.

This is just a simple Bloody Mary recipe without any twists of my own. I just thought I'd share with those who haven't had the opportunity mix one up themselves.

  1. In a shaker filled with a couple cubes of ice, combine all ingredients and shake well.

  2. Slice a wedge of lime (or lemon) and run it along the rim of your serving glass to wet it.

  3. Dip the rim of the glass in a plate of coarse salt, making sure the wetted part of the rim is completely covered.

  4. Drain mixture without ice into glass, garnish with celery and wedge of lime.

  5. Serve immediately~

You don't have to be a rich middle-aged women belonging to a country club to enjoy this drink. Heck, I drink it on my livingroom couch watching tv on a sunday afternoon~

  • yongfook
    yongfook says

    I would take a gulp of this thinking it's watermelon juice...I don't think I could ever drink a bloody mary willingly. However, it does look beautiful!

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