Pea soup for the soul Recipe

Pea soup for the soul


2 cups dried, split peas 7 cups water 1 lb. ham (or 8 slices uncooked bacon, chopped) 2 cups chopped onion 1 cup chopped carrot 1 cup chopped celery 2 bay leaves salt/pepper


How to make Pea soup for the soul

Sort and rinse the peas, then place into a deep pot or dutch oven. Cut the ham into small cubes, and place half of the ham into the pot. Add the remaining ingredients.

Bring to a boil over medium heat, then cover and reduce heat to simmer. Continue cooking for about 1 1/2 hours, stirring occasionally. Remove bay leaves.

Using a stick blender, puree the soup in the pot. Be careful, this can be horrificly dangerous when the soup is still hot. If it splatters, you will have burn marks up and down your arms. As you blend it, the soup will become thick and creamy in texture. Stir in remaining ham and cook for an additional 10 minutes to heat through.

Serve topped with curry powder or smoked paprika. A dollop of sour cream is good on top, unfortunately I didn't have any on hand. You may also sprinkle with chopped chives or cilantro. Crumble some bacon, dash some cayenne, drizzle some sesame oil, scatter green onions, toss on the croutons -- the possibilities are endless!

  • yongfook
    yongfook says

    wonderful! peas and ham - such a classic combination.

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