Chicken Caesar Salad Recipe

Chicken Caesar Salad


  • Cous Lettuce
  • Rocket
  • Cherry Tomato
  • Chicken - use drumsticks or thigh (NOT breast meat).
  • Prosciutto - 2 slices
  • 1 egg
  • 1 slice of wholegrain bread
  • Paul Newman's Creamy Caesar Salad dressing (no I don't work for Paul Newman - I just really like his dressings XD)


  • Dried basil
  • Dried rosemary (or any of your favourite herb to go with chicken)

How to make Chicken Caesar Salad

This is the first cesear salad I've made :) I assisted my much more experienced-chef-of-a-girlfriend to make this recently, so I thought I will give it a shot myself this time round. A very important point is to not use chicken breast.. coz chicken breast is just so plain and dry. This is why I hate ordering chicken salads in restaurants >_<

Cook the chicken first:

  1. Marinate the chicken drumsticks with (lots of) olive oil and the herbs
  2. Bake chicken until cooked in a baking tray. Use a deep baking tray or bowl which can old the marinate while it bakes
  3. Shred the meat off the bone into bite size chunks
  • Important: retain the marinate for the croutons...


  1. Lightly toast bread
  2. Slice bread into bite size chunks
  3. Soak bread in the baking tray using the marinate from the chicken
  4. Fan grill in oven until very crispy
  5. Bake the Prosciutto over the bread (so that the Prosciutto oil drips onto the bread) - bake until very crispy


  1. Wash the Cous lettuce and Rocket
  2. Dry the greens before adding the dressing - I use a vegetable dryer - You don't want runny dressing do you?
  3. Slice the cherry tomatoes in half and lightly squeeze them so the tomato insides come out a bit

  4. Add the chicken and add Paul Newman's Creamy Cesear Salad dressing (no I don't work for Paul Newman) and mix vegi's in a large salad bowl.


  1. Serve vegi's with chicken on a plate
  2. Add Croutons/Prosciutto
  3. Poach 1 egg then serve
  • whatsound
    whatsound says

    p.s. If anyone knows an idiot-proof way of poaching an egg - do let me know ;)

  • MsNyanko
    MsNyanko says

    but that poached eggs looks good already o.O

  • MsNyanko
    MsNyanko says

    Something to do with a coffee pot? Got the idea from someone. Didn't try it o.O forgot what he told me. Have to ask him again

  • telliecoin
    telliecoin says

    idiot proof? what I do is I wait till the water is boiling and add salt in to make it boil even more then I crack an egg into it wait for a few seconds and then completely turn off the heat and cover the little cooking pot I have. Then go scoop up the egg. :)The idea is the boiling water cooks the egg real fast but you have to turn off the boiling cuz it will break the egg into little pieces, but the water will still be hot enough to cook it through. :) sorry for the uber long explanation.

  • whatsound
    whatsound says

    Thanks MsNyanko! But I think I overcooked it a bit :( telliecoin: thanks for the tip. Sounds like a winner. Will try it next time. I'm kicking myself now because I forgot to add Parmesan cheese! And I bought a pack especially for this T_T

  • rachel
    rachel says

    the way i do it which usually seems to work is to have a pan of simmering water, to which i add some vinegar (just a splash). salt supposedly prevents the egg from binding properly in that nice shape.. then make a swirl in the water using a spoon, and slide the egg from a bowl into the centre of the swirl. remove when cooked with a slotted spoon, trim off the edges, and season. :)

  • howie
    howie says

    Mate the Paul Newman sauce is pretty good, it is an undiscovered gem in most peoples kitchens!

  • winnie
    winnie says

    hmm....salad with egg...what a yummy combination~ And I agree, Paul Newman's dressing is GREAT!!! P.S. I don't work for Paul Newman either.

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