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  • KamanKaman

    haha, im an idiot and i love cold soba, so this is perfect for me. your directions are really idoit-proof, "squashed poster". keke. :) thanks for the recipe.

    on Cold Soba for Idiots
  • winnie

    hmm....salad with egg...what a yummy combination~ And I agree, Paul Newman's dressing is GREAT!!! P.S. I don't work for Paul Newman either.

    on Chicken Caesar Salad
  • skickers

    all I can say is *yum*

    on Cold Soba for Idiots
  • howie

    Mate the Paul Newman sauce is pretty good, it is an undiscovered gem in most peoples kitchens!

    on Chicken Caesar Salad
  • rachel

    the way i do it which usually seems to work is to have a pan of simmering water, to which i add some vinegar (just a splash). salt supposedly prevents the egg from binding properly in that nice shape.. then make a swirl in the water using a spoon, and slide the egg from a bowl into the centre of the swirl. remove when cooked with a slotted spoon, trim off the edges, and season. :)

    on Chicken Caesar Salad