Vermicelli with fresh olives Recipe

Vermicelli with fresh olives


For 4

500 gr of vermicelli (thick spaghetti)
400 gr of fresh sweet black olives
1 clove garlic
1 table spoon of olive oil extravergine
hot chilly peppers (as you prefer)
grated parmigiano reggiano

How to make Vermicelli with fresh olives

This is one of my preferred season specials. The real deal of this recipe is that you can eat it just for a few weeks in the year and November is the time, at least in this part of the globe.

Make boil 5 liter of water.
While waiting for the water to boil put the olives, the garlic and the olive oil in a pan and stir fry them at medium heat. I normally do not chop the garlic but it's up to you.
Put the Vermicelli in the boiling water and add 1 tea spoon of salt for each liter. Cook the vermicelli AL DENTE! Best is to follow the instructions on the box and cook them 1 minute less as indicated.
While waiting for the pasta to cook smash the olives with a wooden spoon and add a little bit of the water from the pasta.
Once the vermicelli are ready put them with the olives and cook for one minute more.

Serve with fine chopped chilly peppers and some graded parmigiano reggiano cheese.

The big problem of this pasta are the seeds of the olives. You will end up with allot of them in your dish. So if it is a formal dinner you may consider to take out the seed once the olives are cooked, not before. It will take some time and patience. I normally never do it :)

Question from the Chef

“I'm not a great wine drinker, so maybe you can help me match a good wine to this recipe. What do you suggest?”

  • tranism
    tranism says

    Hmm if you can really taste the olives in this dish, go for a sparkling wine. The bubblies help diffuse the salt and bring out the olive's hidden sweetness.

  • wanginc
    wanginc says

    Yes you can really taste them, and they are a little bitter, but the sweet of the pasta compensates. I think your idea of a sparkling wine is good. better if Italian :)

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