Spinach Spätzle Recipe

Spinach Spätzle


For 4
For the Spätzle
250 gr OO flower
1 hand full of cooked spinaches
2 eggs
some water

For the sauce
50gr butter
100gr ham
1/4 onion
Salt & Pepper
Parmiggiano reggiano

How to make Spinach Spätzle

This is the favorite dish from my childhood. Even if it was green i loved it always.
This is a southtirol spacial.

First cook the spinaches some time before to give them the time to cool off.
Chop them in small pieces. Keep the water of the spinaches.
Put the flower, the eggs and the spinaches in a bowl and mix. The mix must be creamy so add some of the water of the spinaches to make it softer.
Put 5 liter of water to boil and add salt (1 tea spoon for each liter)
Now you will need the spätzlehobel: it is a specially designed tool to make spätzle. You can see one at this link. Otherwise you can use a potato smasher or something els that has holes (better if big ones) to let the mix drop to the boiling water to make this really small gnocchi.
Once the spätzle come to the surface they are cooked.

Meanwile you have copped the oinion ad made it cook with the butter and the chopped ham. Ad the cream and salt & pepper.

Put the cooked spätzle in the sauce and mix while still on the flame.
Serve and add some grated parmiggiano reggiano.

Question from the Chef

“Did you do them? Wich tool did you use to make the spätzle?”

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