Honey Brie Puff Recipe

Honey Brie Puff


  • One Brie Wheel (El Presidente standard $4 brie will do fine.

  • One can of croissants.

  • One Bottle/Jar of honey.

How to make Honey Brie Puff

Wrap the brie wedge with the croissants until completely encased. Pour honey ontop of the top of your pastry until the top is 1/3rd covered. Bake at croissant's given temperature until golden brown. Once again pour honey (to liking) over the top while waiting for the brie to cool.

  • khamming
    khamming says

    can of croissants?

  • twixtmilk
    twixtmilk says

    Croissant dough can. Usually found with biscuits/cookie tubes. Correcting.

  • worldpeas
    worldpeas says

    holy jesus. yum!

  • anisaer
    anisaer says

    Sounds absolutely FABULOUS.

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