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  • tutwabee

    That pastirma looks really good!

    on Simple Hummus Recipe
  • didka

    As a dip for carrots and mini sweet peppers. Yum!

    on Simple Hummus Recipe
  • Zackun

    There's a traditional way to treat beef tenderloin with spices, after this the meat is called "pastirma". It's common to have hummus with Pastirma in Turkey. http://www.kayseriden.biz/dosyalar/site_resim/icerik/buyuk/1665852.jpg http://lh5.ggpht.com/_71FKpEvO7uU/R1GT3ZrqpxI/AAAAAAAAAs0/76DqJ2u6KXo/Picture+020i.jpg

    on Simple Hummus Recipe

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