Pork-Don(豚丼) Recipe



1.Pork 300g(10 oz)
2.onion 1/2
3.sugar(tbsp 2)
4.sake(tbsp 2)
5.soy sauce(tbsp 3)

6.bowl rice for numbers

How to make Pork-Don(豚丼)

1. Cook Japanese rice.

2. Mince the Onion

3. Fry Pork over moderate fire and it takes out in the frying-pan, Place another plate.

Don't wash this pan because we use oil from fried-pork,
Fry onion until changing brown.

4. Stop fire at once.
Add Suger,Sake, soy sauce.

And fried-Pork over moderate fire

5.Place this on the rice with sauce.
6. Serve (topping green peas)

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