Hijiki and Edamame -ひじき煮 Recipe

Hijiki and Edamame -ひじき煮


1.Hijiki  Hiziki (seaweed)30g
2.carrot (some)
3.boiled Edamame (Some)
4.Hon Dashi 1tsp
5.suger 1tbsp
6.Sake 1tbsp
7.Soy sauce 2tbsp
8.water 1cup
9.sesami oil
(konjak, deep-fried bean curd)

How to make Hijiki and Edamame -ひじき煮

1.Wash The hiziki, change water 2-3times , Soak it 30min.
2.Shared carrots
3.heat some sesame oil in a pan, and fry Hijiki and carrot by Medium heat.
4. Add 3-8. boil it by Medium heat.
5. less water, Add Edamame (konjak, deep-fried bean curd) and Mix.

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