Rocket and Ricotta Pie Recipe

Rocket and Ricotta Pie


All proportions are a guide. Adjust it to your preferences.

  • Puff pastry sheets, 3
  • Ricotta, about 500g tub
  • Rocket and spinach about 300g
  • Basil, big handful
  • Onions, 2.
  • Garlic, about 1/3 bulb.
  • Pinenuts, toasted, lots.
  • Bocconcini, or just normal mozzarella cut up into bite-size chunks

  • extra virgin olive oil

  • salt and pepper
  • an egg
  • a cast iron skillet (recommended)

Serves 4 and a bit

How to make Rocket and Ricotta Pie

My family recently acquired a set of Lodge Logic cast iron pans. And they are AWESOME. We adjust our menus so that we always use them XD. The heating is even and really strong, or something. Whatever it is stir fries taste better and has that "wok flavour" you get with food that has been fried at super high temperatures on triple ring burners. Also fried stuff ends up being crispier than ever o.O

So ditch those horrible toxic non-sticks (Did you know that you shouldn't keep birds around areas a non-stick pan is being used? Cause they're super sensitive to air and the teflon coating disintegrates a bit whenever you use it, and it kills the birds). At the very least get stainless steel. My cast iron pans are practically non-stick anyway.

  1. Mince onions and garlic, fry in olive oil in a cast iron pan till soggy and brown and fragrant.
  2. Season the bocconcini with olive oil, salt and pepper. Marinate.
  3. Whizz up rocket and spinach in a food processor. Don't make it too fine. For added texture try to vary the time taken with each batch so you get a nice variety of sizes. Leave some of the smaller leaves whole. Make sure veg is as dry as possible, oherwise you'll get a soggy pie.
  4. Mix chopped veg up with onions and garlic, ricotta, good dash of salt and freshly cracked black pepper, toasted pinenuts, bruised basil leaves.
  5. Make sure the cast iron pan you just used is a clear of onions as can be. It will still be oily so no need to oil it. lay a sheet of puff pastry over the bottom.
  6. Bake in over at 200 degs C until golden brown.
  7. Spoon on the veg/ricotta mixture and level.
  8. Push the bocconcini into the mixture, all over the mixture. You'll get melty goodness spread out all over the pie (you can see 2 melty spots in my photo and that's the bocconcini)
  9. Lay another sheet of puff pastry on top. Seal the edges as best as you can otherwise no worries if there are open bits. slash the top of the pie so the steam can get through. Brush beaten egg all over the pie pastry surface.
  10. Bake for about 30 minutes at 200 degs C, or until really nice and brown on top. You can take it out to brush on more egg if the colour on the surface is starting to look uneven (reaaaally brown pastrybits + white pastry bits) (if you have extra filling just make triangle-shaped pastry turnovers with more puff pastry)
  11. When it's done you can serve it right from the pan.

(you can see more photos of the pie as well as what it looked like before it was baked here:

  • cpalmieri
    cpalmieri says

    This looks amazing, but it would cost a months salary to make here in Japan, where ricotta cheese is hard to come by and available only in tiny containers Curious, how long does it take start to finish?

  • tr1n1ty
    tr1n1ty says

    One thing I love about Western countries - the dairy here is cheap :) I took maybe an hour and a half but I'm slow ._.

  • geri07
    geri07 says

    cpalmieri - there are lots of make-your-own ricotta recipes online: and for a start. If you can buy the milk...

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