Slow-roasted Eye Fillet, Truffle Jus, Potato Rosti Recipe

Slow-roasted Eye Fillet, Truffle Jus, Potato Rosti


  • eye fillet steak (bigger the better)
  • butter
  • beef stock
  • truffle paste (or mushroom paste-whatever's available)
  • good quality white wine
  • loaf of bread
  • 2 hours spare (5 episodes of Arrested Development should cover this)

How to make Slow-roasted Eye Fillet, Truffle Jus, Potato Rosti

I've never been a huge fan of cooking steak at home. Pan fried steak is oily, bench-top grillers always seem to set off the fire-alarm, and the BBQ doesn't clean itself (but i'm not in Japan so who knows what's possible). This oven-roasted steak makes things dead easy. Crisp on the outside, buttery-soft on the inside.

Sorry about the pics. I lost my camera the day I made this. So these were taken from my iPhone, which as we all know is equipped with the lamest excuse for a camera. ever.

Anyway, here we go:

You need to source a good quality butcher who is able to freshly cut an eye fillet from the carcass.
I've been told that for a moderate-sized butcher, they keep attached four eye fillets per cow, and will supply on request.
I've tried the pre-cuts ones and they ended up tasting a little dry.

  1. rope up the eye fillet, making sure to aim for a symmetrical cylindrical shape
  2. salt and pepper the surface
  3. cook in preheated oven for 120 minutes at low temp (90 degrees C)
  4. take out of the oven and straight onto a pan with melted butter, a little salt and pepper. Fry very quickly or until the surface is a shade darker than it was when it came out of the oven. (you don't want to cook the inside -it's just for texture)
  5. take off the pan and let rest for 10 minutes. cut into fairly thick medallions with a (sharp) sharp knife.
  6. Jus: to the residue remaining on the pan, add white wine and stock. let reduce. add in truffle paste
  7. Cruton: Cut thick slices from the loaf of bread, then trim the crust to create large discs. Shallow fry in clarified butter until golden and crispy
  8. Rosti: Julienne some patatoes. arrange flat on greased foil and flatten some more. sprinkle on salt, place small dollop of butter on top. place in oven 200C until crispy
  9. Arrangement: make a cruton base. a couple of steak medallions rest on that. drizzle the truffle jus over everything. place rosti on top. Awesome.
  10. I'd serve this with a sidedish of broccolini panfried in butter and almond flakes, and a rocket and green apple balsamic-dressed salad :)
  11. I had this with a Peroni, whilst watching Beauty and the Geek (Season 5). Then fell asleep on the couch.

  • theory
    theory says

    Sounds awesome. I bet this kind of thing would totally get you laid.

  • tongobongo
    tongobongo says

    Matched with the right amount of wine, maybe. Putting out would be at the very least a courtesy..LOL

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