Big Breakfast Bagel Recipe

Big Breakfast Bagel


  • Bagels
  • Eggs
  • Little sausages of some type
  • Salsa

How to make Big Breakfast Bagel

This one is almost too simple to be considered a recipe, but anyway:

Preparing the filling:
  • Cleft the bagels in twain (horizontally) and place under the grill
  • Slice the little sausage things up and drop into a pan, brown them up a bit
  • Lightly scramble the eggs - just kind of pull a fork through them to break the yolks and mix with the whites a little
  • Poor the eggs into the pan
  • Try for an omelette result but if that doesn't work out scramble and pretend like you meant to do it that way...

  • Remove bagels from grill and place bottoms on plates
  • serve egg & sausage mix onto bagel bottoms
  • top with some salsa
  • (could even sprinkle on some parmesan cheese)
  • add the lids and they're ready to go

Great with a coffee on a lazy (mildly hung-over) Sunday morning! The salsa really sets it off, but those who aren't into spicyness so early in the day can leave it out of course.

Question from the Chef

“What's your favourite lazy Sunday breakfast?”

  • tapifruit
    tapifruit says

    somehow i feel like after you made it you thought what the hell i'll put it up i like the salsa idea! i have to try that next time

  • toast
    toast says

    Heh heh, guilty as charged! I've always wanted to post my Sunday Salsa Surprise (pretty much the same thing but in Turkish bread with a fried egg & bacon instead) but always end up eating it first... Managed to snap a pic of the bagel version just in time.

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