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  • Issie

    this sounds like a recipe I ate once in Porto Fino, the prawns were very large, but brush coated with a caramel, you had to suck the coral out of the head, and very true it is the most wonderful flavour !

    on Grilled Giant King Prawn
  • lymanalo

    recipe looks simple enough and food porn quality photo too!

    on Bruschetta
  • sinarsuria

    Hmmm...done this b4. I love this giant prawn with add in fresh Mozzarella and ton of fresh basil...yummy

    on Grilled Giant King Prawn
  • zelciia

    Sheesh. I REALLY would love to have a bite of this giant prawn!

    on Grilled Giant King Prawn
  • timbo

    I tried these for the first time this year in London. They look a bit funny, but taste great! Like a cross between squid/calamari and clam. There's been a bit of cross species fooling around methinks!

    on Razor Clams Provincial