Stir fry scallops and asparagus with ginkgo Recipe

Stir fry scallops and asparagus with ginkgo


  • 8 giant scallops quartered
  • 10-12 stalks of asparagus, cleaned and cut into finger lengths
  • 1cup button mushrooms and 1cup straw mushrooms
  • 3-4oz fresh ginkgo nuts
  • 1 small piece ginger, sliced thinly (Note: I wanted to taste the full natural burst of flavors from scallops, asparagus, and ginkgo, so I kept the "seasoning" part simple by only adding slices of ginger to zest up the whole dish)
  • some chicken broth or water

How to make Stir fry scallops and asparagus with ginkgo

  1. Heat some oil in the frying pan
  2. Add the ginger and fry till aromatic
  3. Add in scallops, and fry till scallop changes color (meaning it's cooked). Dish out and set aside
  4. Add in asparagus, mushroom, and gingko nuts and fry for about 1-2mins. Add in broth or water
  5. When simmering, add back the scallops and stir fry quicky for another 1min to mix well
  6. Serve
  • Oko
    Oko says

    I'd like to know where to obtain fresh ginko nuts (aside from my ex's ginko trees). Do you have any sources?

  • tigerfish
    tigerfish says

    Hi, I bought fresh ones from at an Asian supermarket in the US. If not, there might be canned ginkgo too! (maybe where the canned button mushroom, canned water chestnuts are). Hope it helps.

  • Elle
    Elle says

    Hmmm...i love gingko...this looks good.

  • tjr
    tjr says

    While chicken broth is generally pretty salty (unless you get the low sodium variety), you should still season your food with salt and pepper, especially the scallops. Also, scallops should be done medium-rare, unless you have phobias about non-well done foods, because they tend to get rubbery when fully cooked. I'd suggest that you leave them a little underdone before putting them in to stir fry. Scallops are probably one of the safest foods to eat raw, so you don't really have to worry.

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