Apple pork chops Recipe

Apple pork chops

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-Few pieces of pork tenderloin (Note: it depends on the kind of tenderloin you buy. If it's a thick cut of meat, make sure you slice them thinner (refer to collage)
-1-2 tsp soy sauce
- few dashes of ground white pepper
-1tsp rice wine
-1tsp brown sugar
-half a apple, peeled and cubed (refer to collage)
-corn flour

Step by step instructions available here

How to make Apple pork chops

1. Season/marinate the slices of pork with soy sauce, white pepper, sugar, rice wine
2. Lay the pieces of pork flat on a board, add in one to two apple cubes (depending on size), and roll them up into balls (as shown in collage), lightly pressing with fingers, to seal the open edges. Dust in some corn flour to prevent "disintegration", and to maintain "structure" in the pork-chop (Note: pineapple cubes will be a good alternative to apples)
3. Prepare hot oil for frying and fry at 15o-160degC till pork turn color (Note: Since it's a thin cut of meat, it will take only a while for the pork to cook through). Then set aside on paper towels to drain excess oil
4. Serve immediately

Step by step instructions available here

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