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  • jolie

    In response to NinaLaurence: My boyfriend used to make his own Kombucha all the time. He made it at work though so he could use a nice 12 or 22 quart cambro. You just need to obtain the culture for it, you can probably find it online. Then I think you add around 8% of a sugar/water syrup to your tea with the culture & wait a few months. That's it in a nut shell, but I'm sure you could figure it out.

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  • andreasreufer

    thanks for this delicious and yet so simple recipe! http://www.flickr.com/photos/andreasreufer/4282034715/

    on Hourensou Garlic Rice
  • schmoniko

    agree, making it this week!

    on Hourensou Garlic Rice
  • laryhanis

    I'm dying to try another version of my favorite Morcon? Anyone have any ideas? http://www.goarticles.com/cgi-bin/showa.cgi?C=2448543

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