bompa's waffles Recipe

bompa's waffles


plaintext = from the back of the Bisquick box
italics = from my Bompa

2 cups Original Bisquick mix
2 tbsp melted butter
1 1/3 cups milk (best that it's whole milk)
1 egg separated; beat the white into frothy peaks

How to make bompa's waffles

plaintext = from the back of the Bisquick box
italics = from my Bompa

STIR ingredients until well blended but do it like this: 1) sift the Bisquick into the bowl and 2) make a careful well in the center where you will 3) drop in the egg yolk, break it with your whisk, and initiate the stir before 4) introducing the milk and then, when you've whisked your mixture to be lump free set the whisk aside and 5) carefully, CAREFULLY, fold in the egg white.

POUR onto the center of hot greased waffle iron you'll know it's hot when the light winks out. Do not attempt to make the waffle before the light winks out, even if your granddaughters, still in their PJs, their long skinny legs hanging over the stools that lift them up high over the counter where you're making the waffles, appear to be terribly, terribly hungry. Famished even. And excited, because they've had your waffles before. (Please Note: Grease the waffle iron with butter. By all means: it must be butter.); close lid.

BAKE about 5 min or until steaming stops. (the steaming must stop. trust no other indicator.) Carefully remove waffle.

To Reheat Heat waffles in toaster until crisp. DO NOT reheat the waffle. Make only what you can eat hot off the iron. Do not warm a waffle in the oven; all waffle eaters must be in attendance when the batter hits the grill.

To EAT Allow the grandchildren to top their own, but after they've gorged on several smeared thick with soft butter and maple syrup, recommend that they just may want to try one like you like yours: saturated with melted butter, topped with a thick even crust of cinnamon sugar.

And you will find that they do.

Optional: Serve with bacon. Maybe some eggs.

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