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  • GardenGazer

    This recipe was my first attempt at using pea shoots. It's a great recipe and I've passed it on to several friends. One change I made was to add a little olive oil and finely minced sun-dried tomato to the gremalata. It added a little sweetness and beautiful color (this is a dish that doesn't just taste great - it looks beautiful, too!)

    on Seared Sea Scallops with Sauteed Pea Shoots
  • sosayi

    Agreed that the weekend is the time for big breakfasts! I love, love, love eggs benedict, as well as David Eyre's Pancakes, and the of course, latkes, and well, everything, really!

    on Frittuffins
  • muttoneer

    During the week I usually only have time for a bagel or some yogurt. The weekend, on the other hand, is time for big breakfasts. Scrambles, Swedish oven pancake, french toast, you name it.

    on Frittuffins
  • ShoggothDreams

    Today was Huevo Rancheros, yesterday was just cold cereal, but Saturday was Chip Butties! (I know, not usually breakfast, but my clique loves it as "brekkie".)

    on Frittuffins