Oatmeal Masala Recipe

Oatmeal Masala


1 cup rolled oats
2 cups milk or soy milk
0.5 ts cinnamon
0.5 ts cardamom
0.5 ts ground coriander
0.5 ts turmeric
A pinch of saffron
A handfull of raisins
Some nuts or seeds
A drizzle of honey?

Serves 2

How to make Oatmeal Masala

  • Put the first 8 ingredients in a pot and cook according to the product info on the rolled oats package.
  • When done, spoon the golden, aromatic porridge into bowls and drizzle some chopped nuts and perhaps a little honey on top? I like pumpkin seeds or walnuts.
You may wonder why the recipe contains both saffron and turmeric? Well, the saffron is for color and aroma both. I add the turmeric because it's so tremendously healthy.

  • ShoggothDreams
    ShoggothDreams says

    Ok, I have been a lurker here for a lil bit, but this recipe so threw me, I had to join the site solely to say how much it intrigued me. Now that I am here, I'll try to get more involved. Thanks Skoch. :)

  • skoch
    skoch says

    Thanks for the comment and thanks for gettimng involved :) I look forward to sharing reciped with you!

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