Pulut Serunding Recipe

Pulut Serunding

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1) 2 grated coconut with skin removed.

2) 3 tbsp coriander

3) 2 tbsp fennel seeds

4) 2 tbsp cumin seeds

5) 1 1/2cm galangga

6) 10 garlics

7) 3 onions

8) 30 dry chilies

9) 2 lemon grass

10) ½ kg minced meat

11) 150 gram palm sugar

12) 2 tumeric leaves (slices)

13) 5 leaves lime

14) ½ cup tamarind juice (2tbsp of tamarind mixed with water)

15) Frying oil

16) salt

How to make Pulut Serunding

1) Grind ingredients 2 to 9 until fine.

2) Heat oil and fry blended ingredients till fragrance arise.

3) Add meat and mixed well, fry till the meat cooked.

4) Pour tamarind juice, add salt, sugar and all the leaves.

5) Constantly mixed all the ingredients, last and not least add grated coconut.

6) Fried over low heat and till dry. Put aside to cool.


FOR STEAM PULUT( glutinous rice)

• 350g glutinous rice

• 1/4 tsp salt

• 2-3 pandan leaves

Extract from one coconut:

• 3 cup coconut milk


1) Washed glutinous rice and soak for 4 hours.

2) Put the rice, pandan leaves, salt and add coconut milk inside baking tray or pot.

3) Steam over rapidly boiling water for 30 minutes till the rice split open and soft but not too mushy.

4) Remove cooked glutinous rice from the steamer and put aside to cool.

5) Take 1 scoop of pulut, kneading well to form of smooth pliable dough, like a small ping pong ball and roll in your palms.

6) Roll into serunding and covered well then serve.

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