Onde-onde Palm Sugar Recipe

Onde-onde Palm Sugar

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1) 200g glutinous rice flour

2) 150ml pandan juice(screwpine pandanus)or 5 drops of 'Green' food colouring

3) 3 tbs water

4) 200g palm sugar, chopped into a small cube (u can use ‘compressed’ brown sugar)

5) 1/2 tsp salt

6) 15g grated coconut

How to make Onde-onde Palm Sugar

1) Combine the glutinous rice flour, pandan juice and water together, kneading well to form of smooth pliable dough.

2) Bring a pan of water (a lot) to the boil. Lower the heat so that the water simmers gently. Pinch out a small ball of dough the size of calamansi limes and roll in your palms.

3) Make a small well in the centre of the dough and fill with chopped palm sugar. Pinch the dough together to enclose, roll them gently to smoothen and, as you make them, drop them into simmering the water.

4) When the dough balls float to the top, carefully remove them with a slotted spoon and allow any excess water to drip off.

5) Drop the balls into the grated coconut and roll them around to coat evenly. Transfer to serving plate.

*Serve them right out of the kitchen and eat them while piping hot, superb with cuppa of tea. Also easy to make for any social gathering.

  • tonll
    tonll says

    hmm. this is the type that oozes out with juice instead of the one that is just filled with brown coconut 'shavings',(not sure what it's called. heh.) right? You make it sound really easy to do. Tempted to try this sometime. Thanks +)

  • sinarsuria
    sinarsuria says

    Yup, super simple to do. Melting in the mouth with sweetness of sugar palm, seductively fragrant of pandan leaves, dough tested smooth and luscious on the tongue yummm...yum...slurp and die..die..die..must try!!

  • meiteoh
    meiteoh says

    YUM! Reminds me of making a few tomorrow!

  • miller
    miller says

    i just made it. it was so easy and ingredients always in pantry self. thanks a lot. i always wonder how to make it because the one that sold in asian grocery arent so nice.i ll try your another recipe next week.

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