Mee Rebus Recipe

Mee Rebus

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1) 500 gm yellow noodle

2) 300 gm meat

3) 300 gm chicken meat

4) 300 gm dry prawn

5) Salt & cooking oil

6) 2 tbsp chilies paste

7) 3 garlic

8) 5 onions

9) 1 bowl chicken stock

10) 1 tbsp palm sugar

11) 4 tbsp peanut

12) 2 tbsp curry powder

13) 2 pcs. sweet potatoes – boil and mashed

Garnishing Ingredients:

Fresh red and green chilies, spring onion – all shredded.

200 gm bean sprouts,boil egg,fried bean curd (cut cube) and fried shallot.

Large tiger prawn (Optional)

How to make Mee Rebus

1) Prepare garnish before cooking noodle and gravy.

2) Pounded onion, dry prawn, garlic until smooth.

3) Pounded peanut not too creamy for better result and tasted.

4) Heat oil and fry pounded ingredients, chilies paste and curry powder until fragrant.

5) Add stock, meat, sugar palm and bring to boil. Add mashed sweet potatoes to thicken gravy and add salt to taste. Keep gravy simmering until required.

6) Boil water in a deep pan. Scald the noodle, drain and remove. Scald the bean sprouts, drain and remove.

7) To serve, put some noodle and bean sprouts into individual serving plates.

8) Garnish well and pour in the hot gravy. Serve immediately.

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