Apam Kukus (Steamed Rice Cake) Recipe

Apam Kukus (Steamed Rice Cake)

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Ingredient A

1) 200g Rice flour

2) 200ml Coconut milk

3) 160ml Boiling water

4) 1 tsp Double-acting baking powder

Ingredient B

1) 120g Sugar

2) 1 tsp Double-acting baking powder

3) 1/4 tsp Vanilla essence

How to make Apam Kukus (Steamed Rice Cake)

Ingredients A:

1) Sift rice flour and baking powder.

2) Combine rice flour with coconut milk and mix well.

3) Add boiling water, mix well and set aside to cool.

4) When cool, stir in baking powder and set aside for 1 hour.

5) Combine Ingredients A and B. Mix well.

6) Line aluminium cups with paper and arrange on steamer tray.

7) Pour batter into cups until 90% full and leave to rise for 30 minutes.

8) Steam over rapidly boiling water for about 15 minutes.


Nice to eat with grated coconut without skin or orange/brown sugar.

  • elena
    elena says

    nice colors, nice flavors

  • sinarsuria
    sinarsuria says

    Hi elena, yup..nice colour, nice flavours and easy to make too. Nice to eat with brown sugar mix with coconut grated plus very good tasted. My favourite apam kukus!!

  • rhona
    rhona says

    want to try your recipe its like our steam rice in the philippines but how did you get the 160 ml of baking powder did you add it with water?how many tsp?pls i want to try.love all your recipe

  • sinarsuria
    sinarsuria says

    Hi rhona, Sorry for the late reply due to my laptop down. Thanks for your sharp eyes that I found it was a typo error. I checked my notebook and found 160ml were for the plain water and 1 tsp for db powder. Here another simple receipt I got from my aunt lastweek. My aunt's apam tasted much nice then the abovementioned apam. APAM BERAS 300g rice flour 8-10 tbsp sugar 1 tbsp yeast 280-300ml water 3 tsp plain ENO (what is ENO? check out> http://www.allhealth-info.com/shared/product.asp?id=18448 ) Food colouring ; red, green and yellow 1) Mixed flour, water yeast and sugar blend until smooth. Covered with damn towel and put aside overnight. 2) Divided 3 potions. Add few drops of food colouring and 1 tsp of ENO for each potions. 3) Whisked each potion until bubbles. 4) Steam Chinese teacups for 5 minutes then pour batter into Chinese teacup for 3/4 full cup. 5) Steam for 5 minutes or more

  • reihikari
    reihikari says

    The addition of the Pandan and coconut milk make these heavenly! Mine didn't "smile" as nicely as yours though. ^_^; Maybe the addition of cake flour next time.

  • sinarsuria
    sinarsuria says

    Usually I fried flour without oil before making any types of kuehs. The flour will stay longer and lighter.

  • WaterBased
    WaterBased says

    Tried your recipe, didn't work. :( First try. XD

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