Venison Steak Recipe

Venison Steak


  • 14 pounds of hind quarter (as much as your hunt party can take; my family members eat 1 pound each, average)
  • 16oz bottle of salad dressing (whatever you like)
  • Packaged dry onion soup mix
  • 1 cup of melted butter
  • Pepper

How to make Venison Steak

First, you need to take down a deer. Then, you've got to pull out your handy knife and chop open the hind-quarters. Separate muscle (best for marinating) from bone and slice to 1-inch thick pieces (that's regulation steak size, right?). Remove the white tendon crap around the meat. Combine salad dressing with soup powder and mix. Use the mixture to marinate the steaks. Grill half a foot off the coals for about 20 minutes. The melted butter is to bast it, because sometimes, the steak dries out.

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