Roasted Capon Recipe

Roasted Capon


  • 1 whole chicken (can you get a capon from a farm rather than buying it?)
  • Carl's Seasoning
  • 1 can of beer (if your family's beer-free, coke works, too)

How to make Roasted Capon

First, I want to explain what a capon is. A capon is a rooster that's been neutered (it's a chicken version of steer). You can get a capon from any old poultry farm if you know the manager. The thing with capon is when a male rooster loses his -thing-, he becomes fat (like humans do, too). The problem with roasting chicken is that the chicken becomes dry. Capon is so full of fat you don't have to worry about it drying out while roasting.

The actual process is simple. Wring the neck. Pull the giblets out of the capon. Rub Carl's Seasoning (hunters are familiar with Carl's) all over the dead chicken. Flip a beer can into the newly-formed cavity (kind of like plugging a watermelon). Roast it. Eat the frickin' chicken.

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