Halal Chicken & Rice (NYC style) Recipe

Halal Chicken & Rice (NYC style)


For Tzatziki Sauce
-2 Plain yogurt
-2 Cloves of garlic
-2 Cucumbers (peeled, seeded, diced)
- 1 tbsp red wine vinegar
-1 Lemon
-Olive oil, dill

For Chicken and Rice (Serves 2-3)
-Boneless chicken thighs (1 package - 6pcs)
-Basmati rice
-Ginger (fresh, 1/2 tbsp finely chopped)
-1 Tomatoes (vine-ripe, sliced into eights)
-1 Tomato juice (small can)
-1 Onion (white or yellow, large strips)
-Iceberg Lettuce (
-2 Cloves of garlic
-Cumin, curry, salt, pepper, paprika, tabasco and olive oil

How to make Halal Chicken & Rice (NYC style)

For Tzatziki sauce
1. Mix olive oil, garlic, dill, vinegar, cucumbers and lemon juice into food processor and blend until smooth.

2. Add olive oil mixture into yogurt and mix.

For Chicken and Rice (Serves 2-3)
1. Cook rice (in pot or rice cooker.  you can also add in saffron to flavor the rice)

2. Heat wok while washing and slicing chicken into strips, rub with olive oil and sprinkle salt + pepper.

3. Coat wok with olive oil and add chicken.  When chicken starts to whiten, add onions, 3 tbsp cumin, 3 tbsp curry powder,  1 tbsp paprika and tomato juice and cook for 10min.

4. Add about 10 dashes of tabasco sauce and leave on medium heat for 15 min covered.

5. Make a bed of rice, and cover half with the chicken and sauce.  Place lettuce and tomatoes, and generously drizzle tzatziki sauce over everything.  You can add a couple dashes of Chipotle Tabasco if you like your food spicier than most.


  • kittygal
    kittygal says

    can i still use the recipe if I want to do lamb instead of chicken?

  • rasterboy
    rasterboy says

    yup, i just use chicken but you can easily substitute lamb or beef depending on preference. let me know how it comes out!

  • kittygal
    kittygal says

    I ended up doing chicken instead of lamb, b/ lamb had this awful smell I couldn’t get rid of, but it was the most asked dish at the dinner party… =^-^= thanks, I owe you big time.

  • rasterboy
    rasterboy says

    aw sorry to hear about the smell. i think some ginger may have helped neutralize the scent? ill have to experiment with lamb sometime...

  • nycred
    nycred says

    rasterboy, big thanx as a lot of people have been looking for this recipe. just a few questions: 1. any idea what is in the green sauce? 2. ginger is in the ingredient list. where is it added? 3. would you recommend marinating the meat overnight in the cumin,curry mixture? thank you again!

  • sunny
    sunny says

    NYC style halal "white sauce" does not use cucumbers. Tzatziki is a greek style sauce. The "white sauce" thats mildly famous thanks to 53rd and 6th is very smooth in texture and lacks any solids like cucumbers.

  • rasterboy
    rasterboy says

    nycred - marinating is always better imo. not sure what you mean by the green sauce? sunny - my recipe was trying to emulate the flavors and is in no way perfect (as there doesn't seem to be a definitive recipe.) it would probably more helpful if you could write your suggestions on what you think goes into the "white sauce?"

  • csun4871
    csun4871 says

    sunny- sounds like you have a solid cucumber up your ass. i forgot that its illegal to add a lil somethin to your own recipes. good stuff rasterboy

  • stevonyc
    stevonyc says

    rasterboy - awesome recipe! I've always loved the chicken rice served by carts in nyc (particularly the one from 53rd and 6th)and always wondered how to replicate at home. Your feedback is definitely helpful and a must try. I think nycred was refering to the spicy green sauce (in lieu of the red hot sauce) served by the Kwik Meal Cart on 45th and 6th. Both are great places and a must try, just different styles I guess. Thanks again!

  • miriam
    miriam says

    Hi dave! How random that I stumbled upon your recipe when I googled "chicken and rice". This sounds delish and I will be trying this recipe out. Thanks!

  • rasterboy
    rasterboy says

    heya mir! haha so random that you found me. good luck, let me know how it turns out!

  • shinybattery
    shinybattery says

    I haven't tried this yet, but what brand of curry do you use? Or are general substitutes ok?

  • tmonte
    tmonte says

    rasterboy, Thanks for posting this. I am a big fan of NYC Halal food. I tried your white sauce and made a few modifications. 1 1/3 cups of plain yogert 1 tbsp red wine vinegar 3 tbsp of lemon juice 2 tbsp of olive oil 2 tbsp of mayo 1 tbsp of sugar It tasted a little bitter/sour before I put in the sugar. If I put less lemon juice next time, I might not need the sugar. I also tried to match the consistency of the sauce, you get so I didn't add the dill or cucumbers. I also considered adding some white wine instead of the sugar. I will keep you posted. I would like to see what other people came up with.

  • Shintroy
    Shintroy says

    Rasterboy what form of measurements do you use in your recipe? Making this and experimenting with a few plates from nyc this week depending how fast you reply

  • Shintroy
    Shintroy says

    Never Mind This recipe is ALMOST perfect the white sauce used in NYC really IS mayo based. * 1/2 cup mayonnaise * 1/4 cup water * 1/4 teaspoon prepared horseradish * 1/2 teaspoon salt * 1/4 teaspoon black pepper ( * 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper ( or a little cayenne hot sauce) * 1 teapoon sugar (if its too tart/tangy) * 1 teaspoon lemon juice * 2 tablespoons vinegar Enjoy

  • ChefDK
    ChefDK says

    Can't wait to try this recipe. I don't think Rasterboy's intention was to hit the bullseye on the white sauce. I don't want to know how to make white sauce because a) I will probably hate myself for dumping white sauce all over my combo + rice platters all these years, and b) The white sauce mystique is part of the appeal of the 53&6 cart.

  • fqdinh
    fqdinh says

    Hi, Rasterboy! We made this dish last week and it came out perfect! Thanks for the awesome recipe! Do you know if there is another recipe for the halal beef and rice (nyc) dish?

  • lawlcat
    lawlcat says

    delicious and easy to make! i have made this recipe without the onion, and used tomato paste instead of sauce. i found that the tomato paste rounded out the flavor a little better for me.

  • aliasyncope
    aliasyncope says

    You have made to errors in your recipe if you want to call it halal. 1. The chicken has to be bought at a halal store where it has be blessed Islamically. 2. Your recipe calls for Wine vinegar. Muslims don't ever use wine in their food since wine is a form of alcohol and is forbidden in Islam. Yes, some muslims drink but they are not following the laws of the religion. So your recipe is not halal. I know for a fact that the white sauce is make with dill.

  • lovinhalalatool
    lovinhalalatool says

    I even tried it with ground beef mixed with ground chicken. The flavor was near the was near to the lamb/chicken combination that we so love. Thanks for the recipe!!

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