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  • lovinhalalatool

    I even tried it with ground beef mixed with ground chicken. The flavor was near the was near to the lamb/chicken combination that we so love. Thanks for the recipe!!

    on Halal Chicken & Rice (NYC style)
  • aliasyncope

    You have made to errors in your recipe if you want to call it halal. 1. The chicken has to be bought at a halal store where it has be blessed Islamically. 2. Your recipe calls for Wine vinegar. Muslims don't ever use wine in their food since wine is a form of alcohol and is forbidden in Islam. Yes, some muslims drink but they are not following the laws of the religion. So your recipe is not halal. I know for a fact that the white sauce is make with dill.

    on Halal Chicken & Rice (NYC style)
  • lawlcat

    delicious and easy to make! i have made this recipe without the onion, and used tomato paste instead of sauce. i found that the tomato paste rounded out the flavor a little better for me.

    on Halal Chicken & Rice (NYC style)
  • fqdinh

    Hi, Rasterboy! We made this dish last week and it came out perfect! Thanks for the awesome recipe! Do you know if there is another recipe for the halal beef and rice (nyc) dish?

    on Halal Chicken & Rice (NYC style)
  • ChefDK

    Can't wait to try this recipe. I don't think Rasterboy's intention was to hit the bullseye on the white sauce. I don't want to know how to make white sauce because a) I will probably hate myself for dumping white sauce all over my combo + rice platters all these years, and b) The white sauce mystique is part of the appeal of the 53&6 cart.

    on Halal Chicken & Rice (NYC style)