Gujiya Recipe


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For filling
1/2 tin Milkmaid
150 gm Coconut (fresh scraped)
25 gms Fine Semolina
2 tbsp. Almonds (chopped)
2 tbsp. Cashewnuts (chopped)
2 tbsp. Raisins
1/4 tsp. Cardamom powder

For Dough
125 gm Maida (All purpose flour)
20 ml (4 tbsp) Oil
1/4 Cup Water

Oil to deep fry

How to make Gujiya

Gujiya is a special sweet dish prepared during Holi. Holi is a "festival of colours" celebrated in India. Its a festival which has an ancient origin and celebrates the triumph of 'good' over 'bad'. The spring season, during which the weather changes, is believed to cause viral fever and cold. Thus, the playful throwing of the coloured powders has a medicinal significance: the colours are traditionally made of Neem, kumkum, haldi(Turmeric), Bilva.

Roast Semolina, and mix together all other ingredients for the filling. Cook till mixture is dry.

To prepare dough, rub oil into maida, add water and make into dough. Knead the dough till pliable. Keep aside covered with moist cloth for 5 - 10 minutes.

Knead dough once again. Divide into 16 balls. Roll each ball into a round shape of about 4 - 5 inches. Roll it very thin.

Divide the fillings into 16 parts so that the filling will be equally distributed.

Place filling, fold over and shape into Gujiya joining the edges with water.

Deep fry in hot oil till golden brown.

Gujiya's are ready!!

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