Steamed Eggs Recipe

Steamed Eggs


  1. Eggs
  2. Any meat for this one I'm using chicken
  3. Portobellos or any kind of mushroom you like is fine
  4. Carrots, jullien
  5. Salt and pepper to taste

How to make Steamed Eggs

One of the easiest recipes to play around with.
  1. Stir eggs, not beat, and add water.
  2. Chuck everything in a thinly-oiled bowl.
  3. Steam it up!

Addendum: The picture didn't really do justice to this simple and delicious dish. I whipped this up after a long long long day at work so I forgot to add water thus the dried-up and not-so-nice-looking surface.

  • theory
    theory says

    I've always found that the secret with these kinds of savoury steamed egg dishes is to steam on low heat. Too fast and you don't get that beautiful silky texture.

  • Chengaleng
    Chengaleng says

    No, that looks delicious, you've inspired me to do one soon! Another way we've done it (when we didn't have a steamer) was in the oven in a bain marie and left it for an hour and a half. Beautifully smooth.

  • raechang
    raechang says

    i made this haphazardly but thanks for the tips guys!

  • abhifx
    abhifx says

    steamed egg?! thats a new one for me. got to try it. btw very artistic profile pic you have. very nice

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