Crunchy inn and out maguro with jalapeno Maki Recipe

Crunchy inn and out maguro with jalapeno Maki


Tempura flakes:
2cups -water
150.   -tempura flour
pinch  -salt
4pcs.  -ice cubes
corn oil for frying

Sushi rice:
2 1/2 cups- short-grain rice(480g.)
3 cups- water(720ml.)
2 1/2 inch- Konbu

Vinegar dressing:
1 tbsp. -sugar
70ml. -rice vinegar
1 1/2 tsp. -salt

Yaki Nori seaweed
Tuna or maguro
2tbsp. -chop jalapeno chili

How to make Crunchy inn and out maguro with jalapeno Maki

  1. Wash the rice for 3 times and drain it well, then add the water, konbu on top and cook it like the way you cook the regular rice for 35minutes.
  2. For vinegar dressing, add all the ingredients in a sauce pan and make it warm to open up all the flavors and transfer it on a small bowl.
  3. For tempura flakes, add all the ingrediens mix it well and sprinkle it in a deep fryer to become a tempura flakes then strain it ,put in a paper towels and cool it down.
  4. After 35 minutes take out the rice and transfer it in sushi-oke (wooden mixing tub ) cool it down a little bit then add your vinegar dressing , mix it well by using a wooden spatula.
  5. put the rice in a yaki nori sheet, put it upside down then put the tuna togethere with the jalapenos, and tempura flakes...Roll it up by using a makisu(bamboo rolling matt).
  6. take a tuna, cut the tuna like sushi neta(thin slice (6pcs.) put it on top of the maki and roll it agian by using a makisu , then cut it in to 8pcs. and add some tempura flakes for toppings!...
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