Risotto with Smoked Bacon and Peas Recipe

Risotto with Smoked Bacon and Peas


1 cup uncooked risotto 

2 cups of unsalted chicken stock/broth

2 cups of water (optional) 

approx 1 tablespoon of butter 

approx 1 tablespoon of olive oil 

1 finely chopped shallots 

1 cup fresh or frozen peas 

6-8 slices of smoked peppered bacon 

grated parmesean cheese 

Notes: bacon used in recipe purchased from a farmers' market. you want a smokey, cured, heavily seasoned meat.  if substituting plain bacon, canadian bacon or pork cracklings, liberally season with coarsely crush black pepper 

How to make Risotto with Smoked Bacon and Peas

Begin by cooking bacon on medium heat, draining the fat frequently. you want evenly browned, cripsy pieces.  once cooked, drain bacon on paper towels. coarsely chop bacon into bits and set aside. 

Drain any remaining grease from pan, leaving it lightly coated with grease and lovely bits of flavor from the bacon.  Add shallots, a drizzle of olive oil and sautee until shallots become tender and clear. Add risotto, half of butter and sautee until shallots begin to carmalize and risotto starts to turn golden in color. 

At this point, begin adding the broth, 1 cup at a time, allowing liquid to be absord by the risotto before adding the next cup.  when risotto is almost done, toss in peas, bacon, and any remaining butter.  

[when using canned broth, I alternate with 1 cup of water the first time, 1 cup of broth the second, and a slightly diluted mix the third time I added liquid. I do this to cut down on the salt. If you are using a low-sodium or no-salt broth, then don't use water. for this, i used homemade unsalted chicken stock]  

  • Bremen
    Bremen says

    This looks soooo yummy! Thanks for the tip about bacon, I'm going to try this one soon!

  • brettsolberg
    brettsolberg says

    This is also frequently done with pancetta instead of bacon and an onion in place of the shallot. But I think I'll try it this way.. looks delish!

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