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  • marianne49

    Rendang is always nice to eat with ketupat ( glutinous rice) or roti canai , or bread. You can always get this type of food during the festive season . everyone favourite!! make me hungry already:P

    on Malaysian Beef Rendang
  • Lyntonpepper

    This was incredible. Maybe use a bit less salt but seriously amazing..

    on Malaysian Beef Rendang
  • tranism

    This looks SOOOO GOOD. Too bad I don't eat meat otherwise I'd be all over this dish. Kudos!

    on Spicy beef ramen noodle soup
  • sinarsuria

    nicko, Malaysian curries are generally quite 'dry', if you want more sauce stop cooking after about 2 hours... Ahax! This not true, all depend on how much gravy you want it to be. Same thing with how much 'HOT' you want the chillies tasted laaa!

    on Malaysian Beef Rendang
  • nicko

    Glad you enjoyed it :D

    on Malaysian Beef Rendang