naeboo teh devil curry >:D Recipe

naeboo teh devil curry >:D


-chicken, beef or mutton (same basic concept) -onions (LOTS OF IT!) -curry powder -coconut cream/milk from the packet ('coz lazy ppl can also cook nice food) -potatoes (big cubes and fried if u want to cook it faster inside the curry) -salt to taste

ingredients TBF: -star anise -cardomons -cinnamon stick (abt 2inches... this is when short is good enough) -cloves

How to make naeboo teh devil curry >:D

This is my way of cooking curries of various kinds. Basic simple steps to follow and amend as u like to get different types of taste and textures.

  1. Add spot of oil and fry (ingredients TBF) until fragrant. Add roughly chopped onions and fry 'til slightly translucent.

  2. Chuck in meat of choice (u meat-eating murderer!!) and cook 'til kinda brown outside. Oh. And the potatoes, if any.

  3. Mix coconut cream with curry powder according to amount of meat used and some warm water. (ie: about 2tbsp for 300g?) Chuck in wok.

  4. Keep heat low and constant and stir once a while to avoid gravy burning underneath the meat.

  5. Simmer until meat juices runs clear and gravy looks like erupting volcanoe.

Add a little bit of tomato paste for variation, if positively bored with totally spicy food

  • naeboo
    naeboo says

    looks kinda messy and yucky, but it must be my photography skills and lack thereof. but dont let this be a deterrent on trying it! :)

  • hankosan
    hankosan says

    Rustic looking dish, good winter food I imagine. I like.

  • naeboo
    naeboo says

    i alw thought that "rustic" is the kind of word used on furniture... yah. i suppose. where u have winter, u can use a warm spicy food. in tropical countries like malaysia, we juz dont care and eat! :D

  • sagech
    sagech says

    omg it looks devilishly spicy! it even has a little skull-looking thing in it! look closely near the screws that hold the handle of the pan. (the screw at the bottom)

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