Heart-stopping Vinegared Pig Trotters <3 Recipe

Heart-stopping Vinegared Pig Trotters <3


-pig trotters (as many pigs as u can afford to slay) -dark rice vinegar -shao sing wine (chinese cooking wine) -light & dark soy sauce -bit of ginger -a few big red chillies to add to sweetness -oyster sauce -honey -salt & sugar to taste

How to make Heart-stopping Vinegared Pig Trotters <3

Marinate the pig in all the liquid and seasoning ingredients for at least ONE HOUR prior

  1. Heat wok to high. Slow heat then place marinated trotters into work to shallow fry 'til golden. No need to add oil.

  2. Chuck everything in according to common sense. Stuf that doesn't make sticky with wok goes in first. Honey goes later when there's a formation of gravy so it doesnt burn.

  3. Slow heat and then add shao sing wine at intervals bcoz alco burns off.

  4. Simmer 'til cooked and super golden.

  • naeboo
    naeboo says

    this is the best pic of the dish i have now. at this point, i havent added in the sliced long red chillies. dont worry abt the chillies. they are not that spicy. juz adds to the whole colourfulness of the dish. but beware of the calorie bomb-ness of it though. once a while ok mar. enjoy! :)

  • sgtoca
    sgtoca says

    i'd hit that with a hot piping bowl of rice and a nice cold beer.

  • tommy
    tommy says

    I like this one, rustic is good for me.

  • psegarra
    psegarra says

    Nice. Cold beer on the side

  • sagech
    sagech says

    heart-stopping.. nice warning lol how i wish i could eat this every day! i always order pig trotters at bak kut teh shops lol

  • ricewinelover
    ricewinelover says

    I suggest using drinking quality Chinese Rice Wine from Shaoxing! www.ChineseRiceWine.com

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