Triple Decker Sammich Recipe

Triple Decker Sammich


Wholemeal bread, 6 slices;
3 individually wrapped "President" brand Camembert cheese;
Quince paste;
Potato crisps

How to make Triple Decker Sammich

Smear cheese on one side of 2 slices of bread, top with a handful of rocket (don't worry if it spills over), then top that with several slices of thinly sliced ham. Smear quince paste on one side of 2 more slices of bread, then put these paste-down on top of the ham.

Butter the top of the quince jam layer bread slices and then grab a handful of crisps and put them on top.

Butter one side of 2 more slices of bread and place them on top of the crisps. Press down and flatten without destroying the sandwiches.


(based on a Jamie Oliver recipe from "Jamie's Dinners")

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