flaming B52 shot Recipe

flaming B52 shot


  • kahlua
  • baileys irish cream
  • cointreau
  • teaspoon or icecream stick
  • shot glass
  • lighter
  • speed pourers (optional)

How to make flaming B52 shot

so... i decided to make myself a b52 shot on thursday night, and offered to make one for my friend too. next thing i know, there's ppl knocking on my door and more and more ppl just started popping up and what started as a mini recreational drinking session turned into a full fledged room party all the way up to 5am with ppl leaving my room completely trashed. haha, sweet...

i generally dont do shots but i've come to love this drink a lot. it costs a bomb but i make it pretty often and my friends loves it too...

get a clean shotglass. equip each bottle with a speed pourer. fill 1/3 of the shotglass with kahlua. then another 1/3 with baileys irish cream poured over the back of a spoon or ice-cream stick. top with 1/3 of cointreau also poured over the back of a spoon. light it on fire, enjoy the flame for abt 5-10 seconds. blow it out, and bottoms up!

this drink is layered so that the cointreau (40% alcohol) is on top for flaming purposes and to give the drink a kick. the center layer of baileys helps support the cointreau while the bottom most layer is kahlua so that u'll get a nice aftertaste.

a note to fellow pyromaniacs. try not to watch the flame for too long. i know it's pretty but u'll end up burning ur lips if u let it heat the rim of the shotglass for too long.

sorry for the fuzzy pic... (._.)

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