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  • sarikasingha

    Hello, That looks like a yummy soup. I'll surely try it. I was reading Femina yesterday when I came across this really healthy and yummy chicken soup... you should try it..there were many more interesting recipes in Femina but would like to share this one since i have tried it and it tastes really good. Hearty Soup Ingredients 1 tbsp crushed oregano 2 large cups chicken stock Additional water 3 carrots - diced A handful of green beans - chopped A small piece of cauliflower - chopped A small piece of cabbage - chopped 2 onions - diced 1 tomato - chopped 4 cloves of garlic - chopped 1 tbsp red lentils Salt and pepper to taste Method Combine water, chicken stock and Oregano and cook on high for two hours in the crock pot. Add all the vegetables and lentils, and cook the soup for another three hours on low. Season with salt and pepper, and drink it up. You can dip some golden brown toast into it for a complete meal.

    on Woodlands Mushroom Soup
  • diane53595

    Wow what a recipe and I will definitely try it at home and for my home based business very soon. Thanks a lot mishmash for sharing this wonderful recipe.

    on Curried Home Fries
  • mishmash

    thanks! yeah, moussaka is right there at the top of my list too, they're so gooood...

    on braised vege pasta in tomato curry sauce
  • muttoneer

    Beautiful photo. My favorite eggplant dish might be moussaka.

    on braised vege pasta in tomato curry sauce
  • esaltbush

    Coriander (the seed not the green plant)

    on Curried Home Fries