Mango Mousse cake Recipe

Mango Mousse cake


(ingredients in italic are what is needed to make the store bought mixes)
-A pack of cake mix
- Eggs
- Milk or water
- Vegetable oil
-A pack of Robinson Mango Jello Mix
- Boiling Water
-Cold Water
-A pack of Robinson Mango Pudding mix
-Boiling Water
- Half a cup of mango,slice in small pieces
-500mL of 35% whipping cream

How to make Mango Mousse cake

Always wanted to make this...since forever, I'm sooo glad I finally made it and it taste really great ^^ I still need to work very hard on making it look good but :p

Totally made this recipe up out of no where... I love making my own mousse so :D

Tips: Use a deep pan since you will be making at least 3 layers.  Great if you have two same size + shape pans.

1. Follow the instruction on cake mix with the amount of ingredients needed,bake it according to directions in pan(tip:put wax paper at the bottom of the pan for a easy lifting of cake and clean up.)

2. Follow the instruction for jello. Pour it at the bottom of pan 2. Refrigerate till solid.

3. Beat whipping cream until creamy. Scoop 1/3 for later use.

4. Follow the instruction for pudding, only add 1/3 of the amount of water they instruct you to.

5. Fold pudding mixture into whipping cream, and add slice mango

6. Spread whipping cream mixture onto solid jello , refrigerate until firm

7. cut a thin layer of the cake, lay it on top of the firm whipping cream mixture

8. Repeat step if trying to create multi-layer cake

9. Flip the pan over a plate and decorate with whipping cream, fruit.

10 (optional) for a nice wrinkly surface, scoop the jello off the pan instead of having it at the bottom of the pan and lay on top of the whipping cream mixture afterwards.

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