pizza di patate Recipe

pizza di patate


7 dl. water
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 teaspoon salt
50 g. fresh yeast
400 g. durum flour
600 g. plain flour

grated cheese / mozerellla
thinly sliced potato
olive oil
green pesto
chili flakes

How to make pizza di patate

make the dough:
  1. mix lukewarm water and yeast
  2. add flours and mix well for at least 5-7 min.
  3. let it rest for 30 min.
there's enough dough for several pizzas and/or even some bread. take out a chunck of dough for your pizza and make it as thin as you can. I made one version with green pesto and one with salami and chili.

turn your oven on - maximum heat.

  1. add cheese and sprinkle some olive oil on the top.
  2. add potato slices to both pizzas
  3. add thin slices of salami and chili flakes to one of the pizzas
  4. bake in the oven untilthe crust is light brown
  5. put green pesto on the pizza with no salami

Question from the Chef

“this is something you want to make at least once a month on a friday night - a treat!”

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