baileys confectionery Recipe

baileys confectionery


200 g. marzipan
icing sugar
baileys irish cream liqueur

200 g. dark chocolate
150 g. O'boy / Nesquick chocolate milk powder

How to make baileys confectionery

these petit fours are traditionally a christmas treat in Denmark, but make them whenever you want to.

  1. mix marzipan with app. 1 dl. of baileys liqueur and add icing sugar to thicken the paste
    (it needs to be firm)
  2. let it rest in the fridge for 30-60 minutes or over night if possible
  3. roll / scoop the marzipan into balls of 2 cm, diameter without heating it with your hands too much
  4. melt the dark chocolate
  5. cover the balls with melted chocolate and immediatele after roll them in chocolate milk powder
  6. leave on a baking sheet to cool completely

step 5 is really messy, but it's worth it.

Question from the Chef

“experimented with other liqueurs in petit fours or confectionery?”

  • Mariko
    Mariko says

    Hi Minitwob! I would like to try your recipe, but I don't know what Marzipan is. If you can give me a bit of description I can go and find at a store! Would appreciate your advise! Kiss, Mariko

  • minitwob
    minitwob says

    sure! it is a almond paste we use mostly around christmas. if you can't find it this is how you make it: 225 g almonds (no skin) 175 g icing sugar 3-4 tablespoons raw eggwhite finely grind cold almonds. add sugar and eggwhite and mix by hand. it should look something like this:

  • erwin1230
    erwin1230 says

    chocolate wholesalers

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