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RSS Feed for Chicken Recipes, Crock Pot Recipes, Chili Recipe & more @ Nibbledish! 2018-06-24T18:41:11+01:00 text/html 2010-01-17T21:35:41+01:00 Heavenly Hots <p>This recipe was featured in today's New York Times.  It turned out really nice for a Sunday breakfast.</p><p>Combine all of the ingredients (except chortening) and refrigerate 1 hour or overnight.</p><p>Whisk batter again and drop onto hot greased griddle 1 tablespoon at a time.</p><p>Batter should spread into a 3&quot; circle.  When&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2009-11-17T16:26:55+01:00 Sun-dried Tomato Palmiers <p>Traditionally the Palmiers (means plam leaf) are made with sugar and are a sweet, but here I filled them with the pesto for a savory version.  They are excellent with a glass of Champagne or a martini.</p><p>Coarsely chop the basil, garlic, tomatoes, and pine nuts</p><p>Fold in the oil and cheese</p><p>Spread&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2009-10-25T17:15:28+01:00 Spaghetti for Breakfast <p>This was a satisfying Sunday breakfast.  Sort of a take on the Italian Carbonara, where the eggs are usually scrambled into the hot noodles and cooked that way.  I fried the eggs and left them whole to sit atop the pasta which had been tossed with the bacon and cream.</p><p>Place&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2009-10-08T15:20:38+01:00 Weiner Schnitzel/Spaetzle/Apple Fritter <p>Oktoberfest Special</p><p>In October we're all German.</p><p><strong>For the Veal</strong>:Lightly pound the cutlets, dredge first in the flour, then the egg wash, and finally the bread crumbs.</p><p>Let the crumb coating set in the refrigerator for at least 1/2 hour.</p><p>Saute quickly in a hot saute pan with a bit of oil.</p><p><strong>For the Spaetzle</strong>:Mix&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2009-09-29T15:11:58+01:00 Casserole Roasted Pork <p>Combine the marinade ingredients and marinate the pork overnight.</p><p>Remove the pork from the brine and dry before proceeding.</p><p>Melt the butter in the flameproof casserole and brown the roast on all sides.</p><p>Add the vegetables and cook briefly, add the stock-wine and the herbs.</p><p>Bring the mixture to the boil, cover with a&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2009-09-16T14:55:59+01:00 Apricot Tart Ginger Ice Cream <p><strong>For the tart:</strong></p><p>In a 10 inch iron skillet, melt the butter, add the sugar and heat until bubbly and caramelised.</p><p>Stir in the lemon juice and zest.</p><p>Place the apricots cut side down into the caramel.</p><p>Cover the top with pastry.</p><p>Bake in a pre-heated 400 degree oven for 25 minutes.</p><p>Let the tart cool&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2009-09-03T17:24:42+01:00 Pineau de Charentes <p>The bottle says dessert wine, but I usually serve it as aperitif, chilled, straight up.  It is a fortified wine made of grape juice and cognac fermented together, produced in the Charente region of France.  It is usually made with Colombard, Sauvignon Blanc, or Semillon grapes.  It is slightly sweet&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2009-09-02T16:02:50+01:00 Stuffed Tomato <p>Slice the top off the tomato and scoop out the insides, salt the inside and leave the tomato to drain for 1/2  hour upside down on toweling.</p><p>Combine the remaining ingredients and stuff the tomatoes with the mixture.</p><p>Dust the top of the stuffed tomatoes with additional parmesan cheese.</p><p>Drizzle the stuffed tomatoes with&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2009-08-20T14:38:13+01:00 Braised Leeks with Tomato Vinaigrette <p>For the leeks:</p><p>Brown the leeks, cut side down in a flame proof casserole.</p><p>Turn the leeks over and season with the salt and pepper.</p><p>Pour the chicken stock over the leeks and braise in a preheated 350 degree oven for 25 to 30 minutes.</p><p>Remove the leeks from the oven and let come&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2009-08-20T13:39:15+01:00 Jalapeno Pickled Vegetables <p>Pickling is a great way to handle all the garden surplus this time of year.  These were great with some cheese, fruit, and cocktails.</p><p>Combine the vinegar, water, sugar, salt, and pepper, mix and taste for the correct balance of salty-sweet-sour.</p><p>Ad the vegetbles and let sit overnight in the refrigerator.</p><div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2009-08-14T14:04:10+01:00 Henry Bain's Burger <p>This recipe is all about the Henry Bain sauce.  Henry Bain was the head waiter at Louisville's elite Pendennis Club in the 1880's.  He developed this recipe, I have used the sauce for steaks, venison, duck, as well as burgers.</p><p>Combine all the sauce ingredients in a sauce pan and bring to&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2009-08-14T13:48:14+01:00 Zuni Zuchinni Pickles <p>This recipe is from the Zuni Cafe Cookbook, the pickles are served with burgers at the famous San Francisco restaurant of the same name.</p><p>Cold brining: </p><p>Thinly slice the zuchinni and onion on a mandoline.</p><p>Toss the slices with the salt, cover with  some ice and water.</p><p>Let the vegetables cold brine for 1&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2009-08-10T17:01:50+01:00 Roast Pork Marsala <p><strong>For the pork:</strong></p><p>Place the pork loin on a roasting rack, fat side up and generously season with salt and pepper.</p><p>Roast in a 450 degree pre-heated oven for 10 minutes, then lower the oven temperature to 325 degrees and cook until the roast reaches an internal temperature of 155 degrees about&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2009-07-30T14:44:28+01:00 Grilled Sweet Potato Salad <p>Microwave or blanch the potatoes for 4 to 5 minutes, the potatoes should be soft, but still undercooked.</p><p>When the potatoes are cool enough to handle, peel and slice them into 1/2 inch slices.</p><p>On a very hot grill or grill pan, finish cooking the potatoes, a well oiled grill helps prevent&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2009-07-30T13:50:30+01:00 Ham Steak with Raspberries and Pineapple <p>This is really delicious for breakfast served with grits or scrambled eggs.</p><p>In a heavy black iron skillet over high heat, brown the ham steak on both sides.</p><p>Add the brown sugar and let it melt.</p><p>Add the sherry and the pineapple chunks, bring it to the boil, and reduce until the juices&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2009-06-15T00:13:12+01:00 Zucchini salad <p>Brown the garlic in the oil, to flavor it-discard the garlic after the oil is flavored</p><p>Briefly saute the zucchini until al dent</p><p>Remove the zucchini to a mixing bowl</p><p>Add the pine nuts to the saute pan and toast them</p><p>Add the pine nuts, raisins, Saffron, lemon juice, parsley, mint, salt, and pepper</p><p>Mix&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2009-06-03T15:49:25+01:00 Peas with Lettuce and Fresh Mint <p>I taught this class last night at the Kitchen Conservatory, a wonderful cookware store in St Louis.  The menu included Pine nut Encrusted Salmon with Fresh basil, Potatoes Dauphinois and Clafouti.  The peas were also part of the class here is the recipe</p><p>In a sauce pan, melt the butter and&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2009-05-24T19:38:18+01:00 Leftover Crawfish Boil with Grits <p>Cut the corn from the cobs and peel the shrimp and crawfish tails.</p><p>Melt 2 Tablespoons of butter in a saute pan.</p><p>Add the leftovers and saute briefly to heat through.</p><p>When the pan begins to sizzle, add Marsala wine.</p><p>Serve over creamy grits.</p><div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2009-05-24T17:30:50+01:00 crawfish boil <p>Here is the best one pot dinner I know and one of the most welcome menus I serve.</p><p>Bring a large pot (must be large enough to hold all of the ingredients) of water to the boil, add the Old Bay and butter.</p><p>Add the sausage and potatoes.  Boil until the potatoes&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2009-05-22T12:30:29+01:00 Whiskey Sour <p>Here is a cocktail classic to kick off the summer party season.</p><p>Muddle the fruit slices with the sugar and let sit for 1/2 hour to draw out the juices and citrus oils.</p><p>Combine with the ssqueezed fruit juices and bourbon.</p><p>mix well in a large pitcher and chill until ready to serve.</p><p>To&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div>