Homemade blueberry ice cream Recipe

Homemade blueberry ice cream

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  • 250gms frozen blueberries
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 330ml whipped cream

How to make Homemade blueberry ice cream

  1. Remove the frozen blueberries from the fridge and thaw for at least 30 minutes. Once thawed, place the blueberries and sugar in a food processor and blitz/purée until smooth. Remove and strain, discarding the pulp. Place the purée in the fridge until it’s very chilled.
  2. Using a stand mixer/whisk/hand mixer, whipped the cream until it is firm and forms soft peaks or falls gently from the whisk. Fold in the purée and pour into a freezeproof container.
  3. After two hours (or when the edge has set), remove from the freeze and beat in a food processor/mixer or using a hand mixer or fork until it is smooth. Repeat this at least twice.
  4. After six to eight hours, the ice cream should be ready for serving. Dish out as it is or decorate with some fresh berries or fruit.

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  • ZenCupcake
    ZenCupcake says

    Wonderful recipe. Beautiful photo.

  • zoridream
    zoridream says

    I like this recipe because it doesn't call for the ice cream maker! I'm going to try it with fresh strawberries, because it's not easy to find the blueberries where I live, but I'm sure strawberries will work great too. Thanks for sharing!

  • meiteoh
    meiteoh says

    Zori: Thanks! Btw, I tried making this with fresh/frozen raspberry and strawberry - it works just as well! ^^

  • mishmash
    mishmash says

    glad that this doesn't say "place in an ice cream maker." although, i do find that lately my ice creams are turning out to be not as smooth as it used to be. maybe my mixer is old and dying, that's why... btw, nice pic! the colour is gorgeous...

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