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  • mishmash

    glad that this doesn't say "place in an ice cream maker." although, i do find that lately my ice creams are turning out to be not as smooth as it used to be. maybe my mixer is old and dying, that's why... btw, nice pic! the colour is gorgeous...

    on Homemade blueberry ice cream
  • meiteoh

    Zori: Thanks! Btw, I tried making this with fresh/frozen raspberry and strawberry - it works just as well! ^^

    on Homemade blueberry ice cream
  • zoridream

    I like this recipe because it doesn't call for the ice cream maker! I'm going to try it with fresh strawberries, because it's not easy to find the blueberries where I live, but I'm sure strawberries will work great too. Thanks for sharing!

    on Homemade blueberry ice cream
  • SashG

    Hello! Love Tabbouleh. You might hate me if you're a puritan, but I also make tabbouleh with cracked wheat. Also, adding raw spinach, cherry tomatoes and walnuts works wonders! Thanks for sharing:)

    on Tabbouleh