Tomyam claypot special Recipe

Tomyam claypot special

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3 bundles egg wantan noodle

ingredients A:

12 pieces medium prawns-shelled
1/2 piece fish fillet-cut into small pieces
1/2 piece boneless chicken breast- sliced
1/2 cup button mushroom-sliced

ingredient B:-
1 piece chicken breast bone or few chicken feet
prawns shell and heads
5 cups water
1 lemon grass-sliced
2 slices galangal
1 cube Tomyam stock
1 red chilly-sliced
1 red onion sliced
1/4 cup fish sauce

ingredient C:-
1/2 french onion -sliced
3 kafir lime leaves
1 tbsp lemon juice
1/2 carrot- sliced
1/2 cauliflower- cut into florets

ingredient D:-
1 sprig coriander leaves- chopped
extra small chillies (optional)

How to make Tomyam claypot special

1.Bring B to boil for 1 hour.Then discard the ingrdients but retain the stock. Extract the remain flesh on bone or feet , add to stock.
2. Add C and let boil again for 10 mins.Discard the lime leaves.
3. Add A and let simmer for another 10 to 15 mins. 
4. To blanch the noodle, Bring 1/2 pot of water to boil. Loosen the noodle and add to boiling water. wait for a min then drain and go through a running tap water and return to boiling water again and wait another minute, drain and put into a claypot. Add a tsp garlic oil and toss the noodle to loosen it . ( Do one bundle of noodle at a time).
5. Put claypot on stove fire and pour Tomyam stock over noodle . let it boil just enough to boil. sprinkle C over noodle. Serve hot.
Question from the Chef

“what about something spicy?”

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